Are You Positioned To Scale Your Business?

Updated: May 25, 2020

You had the bravery, vulnerability, and commitment to turn your idea into a business. Pat yourself on the back because not everyone has the courage to do so. Now, as an entrepreneur/business owner, you know the intricacies of your business. So naturally, you want to make sure that everything is handled with care.

By now you've taken a look at the organization chart above and you are wondering what is this? Every business has an organizational chart. Roles that are important to running a business successfully. This organizational chart may not translate to your business perfectly. However, we can agree that every business needs the entrepreneur that had the idea, a financial person to make it happen, a creative person(s) that finds your customers, and continues to engage them, a person(s) that sells your idea, etc. You get the idea.

You became an entrepreneur and/or business owner for a reason. Whatever the reason is, the ultimate goal was to have FREEDOM. The freedom to do as you wish, the freedom to spend more time with your family, and the most important one financial freedom. Now look at the chart again. If your name can be listed in 2 or more boxes, you are not ready to scale. You need to trust in yourself and others that your business will continue whether you are there or not.

How can you scale? First, make sure your brand is solid. Your brand promise and messaging should be clear to everyone who frequents your business. From the use of your logo, decor, employees, customer experience, etc. It should be consistent throughout but most importantly obvious to your ideal client base. A confused customer is an unhappy customer. This leads to negative reviews, the client never returning again and you can guarantee that lost customer will never refer anyone to your place of business. The goal is to identify your tribe; solidify their loyalty to encourage repeat business and referrals. So the next step is crucial.

Your employees drive your brand. You entrust in them to deliver your brand promise and create the ultimate customer experience that makes your brand stand out. When your brand promise is clear, you'll find more clarity and consistency in the way your employees deliver your products and services. It's so important to take the time to train them. Show them what's expected of them from open to close and everything in between. I would suggest creating an employee handbook with all the roles clearly defined. It should include a roadmap clearly stating all of your processes necessary to manage the business successfully. This will free you from a few positions on your organizational chart while increasing profitable results.

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. You can't be an expert at everything. Most certainly, you can't be everywhere all the time. Whether it's networking, buying supplies, carving time for strategy, payroll, taxes, marketing, etc. You can't do it all. Be mindful of what you are absolutely great at and focus on that. For example, you may enjoy connecting with your clients face to face or networking to spread the word about your business. However, you may not enjoy numbers and keeping track of your finances which is how so many businesses don't succeed. Finding time to strategize and take your business to the next level may seem impossible. If there is a role where your weakness rest, it's best to hire an expert. Some experts, like CPA's, you'll need for the long term. There are others you may need to hire for a short period of time. Be open to hiring experts like business consultants that hold you accountable for your ideas and goals. Brand and social media managers can help you reach your customer base organically and directly. In either case, the investment will propel your business in ways you probably never imagined.

Now you can start thinking about expanding your business. You may want to find new revenue streams whether it's offering new products/services or adding a new location to your business. Consistency is paramount! Remember to drive your brand promise/identity to everyone that touches your business, train your employees on customer experience, and hire experts where needed. Congratulations, you are moving on up!


Founder, Fama Agency LLC

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